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I knew what happened. A surgeon’s 4000 patient panel meant 26 in office patients to be seen that day (one in the lobby already raising a fuss that she couldn’t have a refill IMMEDIATELY on her birth control “ohhh, she’s sooo messing up  the pre-surgery Zen I’d been working on,” I thought), 15 patient call backs to make, 12 pharmacy calls incoming, 5 insurance authorizations to complete and multiple insurance denial call backs in an eight-hour day, not including hospital rounds for 3 in patients before his 8am clinic start time. My Dr. Friend was already exhausted.

I had not wanted special treatment. It wasn’t necessary. My surgeon treats all his patients special. I felt comfortable being just another diagnosis to be managed in the busy day of one of my peers. I understood.

Many wonder why I was not upset when I learned that there had been a medical error. It’s not that I’ve got the patience of a saint. It was that I already knew. I’d seen my surgeon friend’s exhaustion. I understood it well.  Felt it myself many times. Docs are supposed to suck it up. Not complain. Just make it through, “that’s why you get the big bucks, Doc”!  But such work conditions do impact us and our ability to give our best to patients.

That medical error changed my life.

After that day, I gave myself permission to call bulls#!t on two ridiculous notions including

1) doctors are tireless robots, undeserving of compassion, and

2) that patients shouldn’t consider holistic medical options that are quite effective (had I even needed that surgery? There were more holistic options I simply ignored for the ease of the surgery).

That day, I decided to reclaim a more supportive, loving, and healing atmosphere for all people including my patients, my staff, myself and all my medical peers- doctors and nurses alike.

In a world of quick fixes, including that of retail medicine (‘quick care and minute clinics’), patients have become more chronically ill. Why? Because healing and wellness could never be based on quick impersonal (or worst: hostile) hospitals, patients, staff or doctors, or work schedules (one of any begets more of each of the others). The opposite is required to help a person live their healthiest life love, compassion, commitment to the patient, and pride in quality outcomes.

Quality time and communication during a medical visit over quantity of all patients that will walk in that day.

Good medicine is an act of love. Good medicine is based on a positive relationship between patient and doctor who both choose to bring their A game to the physician/patient relationship. Good medicine takes quality time, thorough discussion of all options including holistic options, and collaboration between both doctor and patient. This is Medical Integrity. This is Medical Quality.

This is who we are at Wellness Integrative Medical Center & Spa. Capping our patient panel per physician at no more than 400, we offer sustainable personalized care to all our patients:

• Our office environment is healing for our patients, and humane for our staff. Our patients are our neighbors, and even offer one another the gift of a healing smile as they meet in our patients’ lounge,

• Unhurried 20, 40, 60 minute uninterrupted appointments,

• Thorough review of your labs and medical exam results with collaborative planning with you as quarterback, and your doctor as coach,

• Complete support, education, and active involvement in helping you choosing holistic options (everything from herbals, supplements, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, licensed clinical therapy, yoga, nutrition, fitness, you name it. ALL these options have worth so we’re here to help you find what works best for you),

We follow your lead and support your questions about options not just medications, but all options including holistic, lifestyle changes, surgeries, ancillary services all things that might work best for you.

YOU pick your treatment plan and we support you. 


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