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Wellness Integrative Medical & Spa/Homewood is committed to helping all we touch to  live their best life: whole body, whole person.   Whether you’re our patient our not, we hope we can help you in your efforts to build your best life too.

To that effort, we are constantly offering a variety of classes, and talks through which we share the knowledge and wisdom from a variety of specialists which include great thinkers in Medicine, Holistic Health, Clergy/Spiritual/and Psychological Wholeness, and Financial Wellness just to name a few.    These events are typically free, or of nominal cost, but always invaluable.  These events are open to all.  Please join us!

Enjoy a great talk with our doctor?  Many of those topics are covered in excellent detail below.  We hope you’ll be your own best advocate and visit this page frequently to learn to build your best life yet!  Is there a topic you’d like to see here?  Let us know!  We’re in the process of picking some great pieces for you!

Respecting Your Wishes:  Living Will

Urinary Incontinence:  pelvicfloorexercises

High Blood Pressure:  dash diet

Herbal Treatments for PMS

Diet-and-Nutrition (1)

Homemade Facial Peel for Skin

Diet and Nutrition Handout

Get Heart Healthy Today:  An Action Plan


AHA Slides



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