Wellness Integrative Medical is a comprehensive and holistic medical practice. Rushia Butler, MD is a family physician with over 15 years experience. She enjoys practicing medicine with a heart, as well as empowering patients to live life to the fullest. Our belief and mission statement is that each patient is special and with them, we will create one on one customized patient care plans in a non rushed, safe, family friendly environment that patients can trust. In ‘make it plain English’ our Team will help you find you & your family’s healthiest selves. We believe that in addition to a team approach, each person must own their own health and well- being. To that point, Wellness Integrative Medical & Spa offer comprehensive medical & health care and included: Integrative Medicine Women's Health and Office Gyne "Get Off The Meds" Program Get Glowing Holistic & Medically Supervised Weight Loss Organic Food Coop and Nutrition/Cooking Classes . Herbal & Holistic Medicine Aesthetic Skincare, Therapeutic Massage Energy Healing including Acupuncture & Reiki, Click for Direct Pay, and Insurance Menu We take the time to get to know our patients, and to engage them as partners in the management of their own health. It is our pleasure to offer expert family care in an unhurried, supportive environment. We support sustainable living, and are proud to announce that we are members of the Illinois Green Business Association, offer holistic skin care products, as well as on site Organic Grocery Pick Up Site to help you and your family eat right. Our comprehensive team offers integrative, complementary, and alternative medicine at its best. We serve as your uniquely comprehensive medical home. We are Wellness Integrative Medical.


Don't visit us because you need a work note, a 'just in case antibiotic', or a pain med refill. Visit us because you want a modern holistic doctor to help you live your best- as free of medications as possible. Let us help you wean off YOUR meds!

Direct Pay (Discounted Upfront Payment)

Insurance not covering your doctors' visit?

Let us know upfront, and we'll help with our Upfront Pricing Program

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Yes, we can (and do use weight loss medications). But what's better is that we use a little as necessary- and STILL get big weight loss numbers.

Even better? We teach you to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF!

"Get Off The Meds" Program

After completing your intake, complete exam, and detailed lab review, let us help you wean away as many meds as possible.

Save time, money, and energy for every dosing or prescription that we can help wean you away from.

Complexion Blending and Skincare

The pimple lasted a day, but the brown spots, or ingrowns seem to haunt you forever? Stop in for your Obagi Peel and Treatment program today! Bothered by ingrowns? We also carry PFB.

Community Garden, Cooking Classes, and Organic Farm Fresh Drop Site

Do you miss the garden grown veggies your grandparents used to harvest?

We welcome you to call to learn more, or simply to enroll in our Community Supported Agriculture Farm Fresh Pick Up Program.


Why would you EVER consider Acupuncture? Because it benefits in managing so, so many conditions including multiple pain syndromes, infertility, hypertension, fatigue, depression, allergies, sinusitis, insomnia,and lymphedema. Just to name a few! We know- our patients are living proof.

Therapeutic Massage

Alone or in conjunction with with Acupuncture, therapeutic massage is a wonderful complement to any medical plan you pick with your doctor. We particularly love the double digit changes for those patients who previously suffered from uncontrolled High Blood Pressure.


Direct Pay

Discounted Pricing for Upfront & In Full Payment

Direct Pay Level 1
5-20 minutes

Estab Patients Only

Sick Visits

Minor Procedures

Direct Pay Level 2
20-40 minutes

Medical Condition Follow-Up

Medication Monitoring

Lab Discussion & Planning

Direct Pay Level 3
40-60 minutes

New Patient Intake Visits

Complete Exams w/wo Pap

Patient Need or Choice


Looking for Integrative and Holistic Medical Practice in Chicago's South Suburbs? We're right here in Homewood! We work closely with our areas strongest Acupuncturist, a Licensed Clinical Therapist, and Massage Clinicians. We also carry hard to find products, services, and treatments. Why tackle downtown traffic when we offer the best of health and beauty?

Looking for more than a 6 minute visit for a for a refill with your old doctor? Want more time for a thorough discussion of your health, and your healthcare options? Do you miss having a sincere working relationship with a Holistic MD who actually knows you and your family well and works WITH you all to keep costs low, and you at your best? Our sense of medical integrity is for you. Schedule with us today.

Not quite sure about Holistic Medicine? Schedule a non-medical free 15 minute consultation to see if we might be a fit for you.

Holistic Medicine recognizes that the best medical takes quality time. The practice of good medicine is an art. And really, at it's best, good medicine is an act of love.

Whole Medicine. Whole Person: Live your best by giving yourself a quality medical relationship based the gifts of medical integrity, uninterrupted time, and quality attention to all of your holistic health needs.

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